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Jason Crann, David W. Kribs and Rajesh Pereira

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Quantum teleportation in the commuting operator framework

Alexandre Conlon, Jason Crann, David W. Kribs, and Rupert H. Levene

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Gaussian quantum information over general quantum kinematical systems I: Gaussian states

Cédric Bény, Jason Crann, Hun Hee Lee, Sang-Jun Park, and Sang-Gyun Youn

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Quantum private broadcasting

Anne Broadbent, Carlos E. Gonzalez-Guillen, and Christine Schuknecht

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Categorical composable cryptography

Anne Broadbent and Martti Karvonen

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Communication Memento: Memoryless Communication Complexity

Srinivasan Arunachalam and Supartha Podder

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Constructions for Quantum Indistinguishability Obfuscation

Anne Broadbent and Raza Ali Kazmi

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A monogamy-of-entanglement game for subspace coset states

Eric Culf and Thomas Vidick

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Rigidity for Monogamy-of-Entanglement Games

Anne Broadbent and Eric Culf

Preprint (2021).

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Secure Software Leasing Without Assumptions

Anne Broadbent, Stacey Jeffrey, Sébastien Lord, Supartha Podder and Aarthi Sundaram

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New Zémor-Tillich Type Hash Functions Over GL2 (𝔽pn)

Hayley Tomkins, Monica Nevins and Hadi Salmasian

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QMA-hardness of Consistency of Local Density Matrices with Applications to Quantum Zero-Knowledge

Anne Broadbent and Alex B. Grilo

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Quantum encryption with certified deletion

Anne Broadbent and Rabib Islam

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State Convertibility in the von Neumann Algebra Framework

Jason Crann, David W. Kribs, Rupert H. Levene and Ivan G. Todorov

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Uncloneable Quantum Encryption via Oracles

Anne Broadbent and Sébastien Lord

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Symmetries, Graph Properties, and Quantum Speedups

Shalev Ben-David, Andrew M. Childs, András Gilyén, William Kretschmer, Supartha Podder, Daochen Wang

In Proceedings of the 61st IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2020).

DOI: 10.1109/FOCS46700.2020.00066

Masters' Theses

Haag Duality in the Thermodynamic Limit of the Toric Code


Quintin Trayling

(not yet uploaded)

Quantum Teleporation: An Operator Algebraic Perspective


Alexandre Conlon

Carleton University Institutional Repository

Tensor Networks for Operator-Algebraic Constructions of Gauge Theories


Anna Gow

Carleton University Institutional Repository

Hidden Subgroup Problem: About Some Classical and Quantum Algorithms


Maria Perepechaenko

uO Research

Quantum Private Broadcasting


Christine Schuknecht

uO Research

Gaussian Quantum States in Discrete Phase Space


Zachary Zanussi

Caleton University Institutional Repository

Quantum Encryption with Certified Deletion


Rabib Islam

uO Research

Uncloneable Quantum Encryption via Random Oracles


Sébastien Lord

uO Research

Undergraduate Projects

The Hidden Subgroup Problem in Certain Nilpotent p-Groups


Anna B. Kis


Overview of the McEliece Cryptosystem and its Security


Nolive Gnan


Non-local games and Self-testing


Faouzi Al Haj Saeed


The Weyl Representation and Clifford Hierarchy with Applications to Gate Teleportation


Michael Sloan


A consideration of attacks and theory in code-based cryptography


Filip Stojanovic


An overview of symmetric alternant codes and the structural cryptanalysis of their corresponding McEliece schemes


Filip Stojanovic


Mutually Unbiased Bases


Abrar Kazi


A Partial Cryptanalysis of BIKE's Key Encapsulation Mechanism


Katarina Spasojevic


Security of the BB84 Quantum Key Distribution Protocol


Anna Gow

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