Sherry Wang to Give Talk at IEEE Quantum Week

Sherry Wang, one of QUASAR's undergraduate students, is giving a talk today (15:15 MDT, i.e. 17:15 EDT) at IEEE Quantum Week. The talk is titled "Password Authentication Schemes on a Quantum Computer" and is based on Sherry's joint work with Carlisle Adams and Anne Broadbent.

Congratulations, Sherry!

The abstract follows.

In a post-quantum world, where attackers may have access to full-scale quantum computers, all classical password-based authentication schemes will be compromised. Quantum copy-protection prevents adversaries from making copies of existing quantum software; we suggest this as a possible approach for designing post-quantum-secure password authentication systems. In this paper, we show an implementation of quantum copy-protection for password verification on IBM quantum computers. We also share our quantum computation results and analyses, as well as lessons learned.

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